Friday, August 13, 2010

A cake perfect for a Princess

My only girl just turned 3 this week. *sniff* Most of the time she's running behind her brother, begging to play Star Wars with him, so when she asked for a Princess Castle cake, I was only too thrilled to try it! She wanted it to be pink, with tall spires - here is what we came up with:
 In case you're wondering, there are 3 (yes, three!) cakes there - and almost 2 lbs. of frosting! We used Wilton's canned frosting (because it's pretty firm) and then I used their Color Mist Food Color Spray because I hate using red dye. However, after this experience, I will be going back to the dye, or finding a natural one. This spray makes the frosting taste slightly of alcohol! BLECH! The windows and doors are just pink wafers, and for the spires, we used sugar cones, coated them in frosting, then rolled them in white sprinkles. Overall - one very happy three year old! 

In fact, after she blew out the candle, she gave me a really big hug, and whispered in my ear, "Mommy, I'm SO HAPPY!" Now that is what being a mom is all about! 

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