Friday, August 13, 2010


Since I painted my kitchen (which I'll post soon!), I knew that redecorating my living room was inevitable. My kitchen was red, and the accents in my living room were red and green and tan. Now that my kitchen is turquoise, tan and black, the red stands out like a sore thumb. So I found some fabric that I fell in love with at JoAnn's with the idea of making covers for my throw pillows. Much more economical and personalized that way. =D I'm finding that a lot of people are really smart, and crafty-er than I am, and they teach how to make fabulous things, like slipcovers for pillows. I worked on them all day today, and am pretty happy with the results. 

The front smaller one I came up with myself, not too difficult, and the tan one is just from the store. I used the instructions from this blog to make the slipcovers. 

Again, the tan one is just from the store. But the little green one...well, you must take a closer look...

I am in LOVE with this pillow! I just recently learned to gather (or ruche, as some say) and made this pillow for my kitchen bench. I saw this particular design on the blog Just Another Hang Up where she actually gives a tutorial on how to make it. I was a bit intimidated, but her instructions were FABULOUS and even I figured it out! (Which is saying something!) She also gives a tutorial on how to make those fabulous flowers here, even though I'm still thinking I didn't do those just right. Either way, I love them! The thing I learned today is this: If you don't know how do do something, someone, somewhere, does. And you can usually find some great instructions online if you look. Also, never fear - you can ALWAYS unpick! =D 

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Suzanne said...

Jenn - What a fabulous pillow! I love everything about it. The fabric choices are wonderful and the workmanship is incredible! I'm so happy you let me know you'd completed this so I could drop by and check it out. By the way, the flowers look perfect and I love them in the different complimentary fabrics you chose! Thanks also for the kind words -- they are really appreciated. When you put a tutorial "out there" you never know if it will truly benefit someone, so it was so nice of you to come back and let me know! You made my day!