Monday, August 9, 2010

Storage Bench

Since we live in a townhome, we are short on storage space. This was the entry by our back door. Just a bit of wasted space, just waiting to be something more. 

We sold the Baker's Rack, and drew up some plans..

This is what we came up with. Somewhere to hang up coats, store our shoes, and sit to visit. 

Getting a nice white coat of paint...

Voila! Love it! But this was when my kitchen was red. 

And here it is today! I love it just as much as I imagined that I would! The best part was that it only cost $75 for everything! I made the bench seat, the cover, and the pillow covers myself, saving so much money! It's very nice to have somewhere to sit when we are all trying to get shoes on, and even better that they don't just end up all over the house. I think this may be one of my top three favorite projects! 


Ellie said...

Oh, that's just great! I'm longing for an entry big enough for a system like that! Love it!

Lolly Jane said...

that turned out so amazing! i LOVE it!! so classy looking!!

found ya thru sassy's friend friday. your newest follower, hope you'll follow back.

:)kelli & kristi