Sunday, September 26, 2010

I won an award in Blogland!

I love to get comments. Each and every comment I get receives a happy dance in return. =) But imagine how excited I was to find a comment from Suzanne@thriftstoredecorjunky telling me that she'd given me a blog award! I'm so honored and excited! It's my first blog award, and it's amazing to me that someone besides my family is reading this blog! :)  
I was grinning pretty big, and maybe dancing around a bit - well, maybe a bit more than just a bit. My 5 year old kept asking why I was so happy! Suzanne is so creative, and fun, and I just love her blog Thrift Store Decor Junky -  she's a lady after my own heart! What she can do with a can of spray paint! :) Love it! Check her out - you'll love what she has to show you! 

So the way this works is that once you receive an award, you pass it on to other bloggers, as well as mention who you got the award from, of course. So, here are three blogs that I thought really deserved the award:

1) Oopsey Daisy  Alison is a very talented gal who makes fabulously fun things for her kids, shares mouth-watering recipes, and has some great decorating ideas. I have found myself wandering her blog for hours! 

2) Moody Girl Projects I have followed Mandy for about a year, and just love the stuff she does! She's especially hand with her power tools, and has made her home so inviting! She's inspired more than one diy project at our house! 

3) Frou Frou Decor Terrell and I are new friends in blogland, but I am in love with her blog! She specializes in French and Vintage decor, and she does it on a dime! She is so creative, and crafty (in a good way!) ;) and I just love every new project she shows! 

So go visit these ladies, and let them know what you love about their blogs. Careful, you may find yourself lost for hours! Thanks again Suzanne, for my first blog award! 


Alison said...

Jenn, my friend!! You have absolutely made my day! Thanks so much for your kind words.

Carrie said...

Hi Jenn. First, congratulations on your award. That's so fun! Second, thanks for the sweet comment you left me. I too love comments, and getting them from people who I don't know personally is an added bonus. You should speak up more...especially with such nice things to say :) YOu have such fun ideas here on your blog - I'm your newest follower.

P.S. I love Elder Uchtdorf's quote too!! (wink wink)

Mandy said...

I do a happy dance when I get comments, too! Thank sos much for the award - I appreciate it! Your blog is darling - I'm a new follower :)