Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just a little nerdy!

At the risk of really embarassing myself, and showing you all what a huge nerd I am, I'm going to show you what I did yesterday. Since school started last month, my kids have all been sniffling. A lot. I finally broke down and bought the Kleenex with lotion six pack and started putting them around the house. But oh, they were so unattractive! I know Kleenex tries to make their boxes look classy, but they needed some help. So, I got out my leftover scrap paper, and went to work.

Ugh! So unattractive!

So much better! But, it looked so lonely!

Ah, much better! (Have I told you that I am in love with pumpkins these days?) =}
These are just some left-over 4x4 posts I had literally just lying around - I just put them to good use!

I saw this adorable sign at Giggles Galore and just had to try my own. I like it, but the placement isn' t just right. Maybe I'll have to try again! Hop on over and check hers out - I think I like it better!

My husband thought this was pretty funny - he just kept smiling when he read it!

I finally figured out what to do on my huge wall! I found this shelf buried in some pile in the garage, put it up, and MAGIC! I love it! I got the two little pumpkins at Hobby Lobby for $1.50 each, I already had the vase and the flowers/leaves, and I found the fall tree picture online somewhere. Cheap and easy, but it makes a big difference to have that done.

Lastly, I have to show you my favorite creation:
Isn't he the cutest thing EVER?! He's six months old, and is almost always smiling like this - he's such a happy kid! (Thank heaven; the first 3 month he had colic and only screamed all the time! I like the change!) Since his older brother and sister are in morning school, we get a few hours of one on one time. He's always making me laugh - I just love this kid! 


One Happy Heart Family said...

Jenn, those are so adorable and NO not nerdy at all!! I love it!! Your such an inspitation!!! I even went online and printed a 40% off coupon for Hobby Lobby, now if I can only get out there LOL I love all the cute stuff you have been doing. Show off your blog to everyone I know!!! Love it!!! Oh and that sign is so funny!!

Andi said...

Seriously, you are very talented...and I love the tissue box...I get sick of looking at the same ugly boxes all the time!! I love all the decorations...the sign is very cute, I think I need one of those!!

Natalie said...

OOOOH - CUTE tissue box! Ok, the wicked witch sign is too cute! SO TALENTED LADY!