Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mod Podge

I might've mentioned once or twice my love affair with Mod Podge. I cannot believe I went so long torturing myself with glue sticks! I've had a few requests on how to use it, so here is a very basic tutorial. 

Step 1: Buy Mod Podge. It comes in a few finishes, my favorite being matte, but you can also get glossy, satin, brushstroke (so it looks like a painting), and a few others. Go check out this site; it can tell you EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about the stuff...and more! ;) 
Step 2: Pick a project where you want to glue something down. For me, I use it when I make cards, and want to add embellishments, when I use paper to make signs or any other crafty sort of thing. See examples here. Brush on with a sponge brush - use it like you would a glue stick. You can put it on the item you're glueing down, or brush it onto the place where you want the item to stick. The best thing about Mod Podge is that it dries clear. **Don't apply too much though - it can warp or bubble your paper. **  Just brush on a light coat. Press down on paper lightly, until it sticks. Let dry. 

Step 3: After your paper is glued down and dry, apply another light coat over the top of the entire project. This seals everything together, and gives it the finish you want (whether you chose glossy or matte, satin, etc.). 

Step 4: Step back and admire your handiwork! 

Really this stuff can glue down about anything. Make sure to wash your brush out as soon as your done, so you can reuse it. It does stick to my hands a lot, so I have to keep peeling it off so I don't stick my glue-y fingerprints to my project and muss it up. It's pretty much fool-proof, so just use it and love it! 

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