Friday, October 1, 2010

Free (man-made) Diamond earrings! :)

So Hanna over at Bouffe e Bambini made a comment here on my blog, and whenever I get a comment with a website attached, I go check them out. :) She's got a great blog, with some fabulous looking food (and recipes!) and a bunch of other things. Go check her out. Anyway, as I was perusing her blog, I found a post about FREE diamond (man-made) earrings. So, I had to check it out. 
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Looks totally legit to me, and free diamond (looking!), SURE! :) The catch is that you pay $3.77 for shipping. Oh, and you have to mention their site at some website, or on Facebook, or Twitter, wherever. They are basically relying on us to do their marketing, which is pretty clever, if you ask me! Do you want free diamond-ish earrings? Go check it out FREE* Diamond Earrings ! 
**I'll let you know when they arrive, but they only have a limited supply, so I'd go check it out now! And go over to Hanna's site - she took a picture of hers when they came! **


Hanna said...

Hi Jenn!! Nice meeting you:) SO glad you came by my blog:) I look forward to seeing you soon. Your going to love these earrings. It's crazy! too good to be true:) Happy weekend!

Jenn said...

I really did get them! Love them, too! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am checking this blog using the phone and this appears to be kind of odd. Thought you'd wish to know. This is a great write-up nevertheless, did not mess that up.

- David

Jenn said...

I'm not sure I understand your comment - what part is kind of odd? Thanks for the compliment, though. :)