Sunday, May 29, 2011

A few of my favorite projects

Everyone knows that I always have to have a here are a few that I've done lately. (Edited to add: Lately, as in a few months ago. Sorry - I've lost my crafting energy this last few months! But it's starting to come back! Stay tuned for a few really fun projects!)
Beadboard all around the side and back of the bar, then painted black, added a corbel. Love it! :) 
And then, to tie it all in, I painted a small strip just below the crown molding. Also LOVE it! It really adds to the look I'm going for.  

Sometime in December I found this desk online and pained one coat of black. Then, I got distracted. Finally got it finished yesterday, put it on KSL for sale, sold it today! :) Gotta love it, baby! 

Our little girl's room still had so much of the baby's stuff in it, and didn't look much like a girl's room. I found some material that I loved, and made a few things! First, this lamp shade. Love it!  
Then I had to coordinate this cute frame - and made up the sayings in my Photoshop. It's a bunch of Kaylie's nicknames.  
And finally, her curtains. I love them. They make me so happy. They really brighten up and girl-ify her room! :) I'll post soon the entire room - it's getting close to being done!  

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Carrie said...

Love all your projects! It doesn't surprise me you sold that desk so's a beauty. Good job - and thanks for inspiring me to get some stuff done!