Monday, July 4, 2011

Half bath Make-over

In the post about my master bathroom update, I mentioned that I had painted my downstairs bathroom cabinets black last summer. I had planned on making over the entire bathroom, but never did get back to it. Now that the upstairs bathroom is nice and fancy, I had the ambition to finish the downstairs one. I don't have any before pictures for this. Just imagine: stark white walls, big ole builders grade mirror, the cabinet over the toilet was a yucky brown...very boring. Okay, now, check it out! 

I painted the cabinet black, then spray painted the knobs with Rustoleum's Brushed Nickel. Oh, and I lowered it. My husband is 6'2, and the first time he put it up so high that I had to reach to get into the cupboards! :D 

My favorite part is the framed mirror. This was so simple and fast, but makes the biggest statement. There are several tutorials out there that are better and more detailed than mine - THIS one is the best I've found.  My super hot glue gun and my husband were my partners in crime for this. :) 

The first thing that we did was put up beadboard wallpaper and chair rail, then painted it. This bathroom in just off the kitchen, which has beadboard half way up, and I love it. I wanted to coordinate the rooms so that it all flowed together, but I didn't want it matchy matchy. I decided to put the beadboard 3/4  up the wall. I also did that because it's a very small bathroom, and I didn't want it to feel even smaller by painting the tan lower down. 

This was my first experience with beadboard wallpaper. It was not in my budget to buy the real beadboard, and I had bought the wallpaper last summer for something else. Also, anyone who's done it knows just how NOT fun it is to put that stuff into tight corners, and especially behind a toilet. This bathroom isn't used all that much, so it just seemed more cost-effective, as well as easier to install, to use the wallpaper. 

A few things I learned: 
* A lot of walls aren't square, and the floors aren't all level. Start the wallpaper from the top of where you want it, and trim it at the bottom. It will save you headaches.
*For corners, cut the paper into the corners. Don't try to wrap it over. It doesn't work.  
* When it says to immerse the paper for 10 seconds, do it. Don't just spray it down. It will not be sticky enough and it will be harder to get the bubbles out. 
*Don't overlap edges if you find out the walls and floors aren't level. It just doesn't work out. :D 

Overall, I'm very pleased with the textured wall paper. We let them sit for several days before painting it, and it looks great. The texture is very cool - you really can't tell that it's not the real thing, and for half the cost! 

Now I'm excited for people to come use my bathroom! :D 

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Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Jenn, thanks for the shout out on the mirror tutorial. So glad you found it helpful and you used my famous beadboard wallpaper too. I love this stuff so much. I have another post going up tomorrow about a new project I'm just finishing up. Great little bathroom makeover you did!