Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Laundry Room make-over

It seems like everyone in blogland is giving their laundry room a make-over, and I was feeling left out. ;) Honestly, my laundry room is the only room in our house that hasn't been painted or decorated at all. It was the one feeling left out!

So, here it was, in all it's blah-blah boring-ness. Not to mention completely unorganized. It tends to to be our catch-all room, especially when I have 5 minutes before an unexpected guest arrives!
My husband said I couldn't spend any money, :( so I had too use what I had on hand. You can't really tell from the pictures, but the blue on the walls is actually the dark turquoise left over from my dresser make over. I was a little nervous about it making the room too dark, but then I had the AH-HA! moment that I should do beadboard halfway down. My kitchen and bathroom right outside the door have beadboard, so I thought that might help it feel a part of the downstairs decorating more. I did have the beadboard on hand, too, so that was conventient! I rearranged all the shelving that I had, and that made a really big difference in making the room feel bigger.

(Don't you love that big black plastic bin? I hate it. But it's the only place we could put the salt box for our water softener. Oh, the joys of townhome living! :D)

Eventually, we'll be replacing the light for one that will brighten the room even more, but spending any money!

The final touches were there new Laundry sign, and the vinyl. I had that big frame just sitting around, and I've always wanted a clothesline picture - for some reason it just screams simplicity and a nice breezy day! Both of which I'd love to find right now! :D I cut the images from my Silhouette library, as well as the sign lettering. I think it ties in pretty well! And now, my laundry room feels included in the rest of the house!
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Lindsey said...

I love everything about it!

Natalie said...

LOVELY!!! Such a happy feel. You're hired. :)