Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My little pirate!

Last week, our 6 year old was invited to a Pirate birthday party. He was so excited to dress up! However, the budget was pretty tight, so we decided to shop our house and make up the coolest costume ever! I found a fabulous tutorial on how to make a pirate hat out of newspaper - it took 3 minutes! Then we used my craft paint to make it black, printed off a skull, and voila! Next, the hook! I had a hard cardboard tube from a vinyl roll I'd purchased, and cut it. Then, I took some leftover green mossy styrofoam and rounded the top, and glued it into the tube. Stole a wire stem from an old flower, bent it, hot glued it into the styrofoam. Next, I wrapped the entire thing a bazillion times in duct tape! :D Finished it off by wrapping black construction paper around the bottom. Last, the eye patch. Pretty simple: I took one of my old headbands, cut out the patch and stapled it to the headband. Then I covered the staples with duct tape! :D Threw a green piece of material around his waist, stole dad's brown socks, and there is my hansome pirate!

Nope, not too amazing, but this is my journal of sorts, too! Sometimes, you'll see these cheesy posts!
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Diana said...

It looks great! I'm calling you if I need costume ideas!:)

Carrie said...

he's so cute! Love that pirate face. Way to go being so resourceful.