Monday, October 24, 2011

My favorite redo EVER!

A while ago, I sold our little entertainment armoire. I loved it, and I shed a tear when I sold it. But it wasn't very big, low to the ground, and our toddler loved to sit up right next to our new LCD tv, and touch it, and move it. And I have visions of him knocking it over, him getting pinned under it, and other scary things. So, I sold it. But I didn't have anything to replace it with. From the last post, you'll see that it was temporarily on the dresser. But what I wanted was a sold wood armoire, with doors that slid into the sides. Not too much to ask, right? Wrong. It took 5 weeks to find such a thing. It started out at $75, so I waited. Two weeks later, they dropped it to $50. When I went to pick it up, he told me that if I'd take this awful brass headboard, too, he'd give both to me for $40. :D Yeah, I took it. So, here it is!

Not bad looking, but the moulding was broken off is several places, shattered, really. And it was really disgustingly dirty. Gross. I was going to stain it, but found out that it was just a veneer Knotty Alder. Changed my plans pretty quickly. :( So, I decided on a white glazed look. I'd never used a glaze before this. I've always loved the results with stain. But, my neighbor kept insisting that I try it, so I did. LOVE! Oh, I still love to use stain, but glaze...Wow. Love it. There aren't a lot of tutorials out there on how to use a glaze, and the folks at Home Depot have NO. IDEA. what you're talking about when you say you want to glaze furniture. I swear I'd grown a third eye. Don't go to them. Listen to me.

I used the Behr glaze, just the pint size. They won't tint it for you. Don't ask. This is where they looked at me like I'd gone crazy. Silly people. :D So I just bought the $2 sample size paint in a lite brown. In a mixing cup, I mixed 4 TBsp. glaze with 1 TBsp. paint. Mixed it really well. Then, I painted my white armoire. It about gave me heart failure. I was sure I was about to destroy my hard work.

Here's what it looked like. Then, I took a rag, sat a big bowl of water next to me, and wiped it down with a lightly damp cloth. I rinsed it frequently.

This was my result. (Oh, I'd distressed and sanded it prior to glazing - that's how the glaze makes it POP!)\

I tore off all the old yucky moulding, and then replaced it with some really fun, viney stuff. I think it really pulls it all together.
Final product:
Yep. It's my new favorite piece. We still have to put a large piece of moulding on the bottom, but the one we bought was 1/8" too tall, not allowing the doors to open. :( So, we'll either buy some bun feet to heighten it, or just cut it. We just haven't done anything yet. But I am in love with it, and so excited for all the things I'm going to do with glaze! 


Kirsten @ Mushki Loves said...

Jenn...LOVE IT! It turned out AMAZING!

Chrissie said...

Beautiful! I can certainly see why it's your favorite.