Monday, October 24, 2011

A new favorite dresser

One day in August, the day after I promised my husband not to start any new projects for a month or so, to be exact...I found this dresser. I fell in love with the trim, and the size. It was in such good condition. It was only $25. I couldn't help it. I bought it. I didn't get in trouble - in fact, he was so excited about this find, too! But I did stub my toe something awful getting it into my van. Took my toenail off, actually. was worth it!

Before - Sorry, it's the only pictures I got.

And after! The pictures don't show the color very well, but it started out Granny Smith green, but I tamed it by using a stain over it. I replaced all the knobs with some I already had - cute little crystal things.

Seriously, look at the's so sweet! It's now in our daughter's room, and even more lovely as an accent to all the bright pink she has going on in there! :D LOVE IT!
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